Altamont/Effingham County Enterprise Zone

The Altamont/Effingham County Enterprise Zone was certified as a new designation beginning January 1st, 2021 for an initial 15 calendar years expiring December 31st, 2035. The Zone encompasses Altamont, Beecher City and areas in Effingham County. The Zone is an economic development tool/incentive to spur new construction of industrial, commercial and residential areas. It is also an incentive for rehabilitation, remodeling, repairs and improvements to increase property values. Zone areas, criterias and contact information can be found HERE.


Altamont Economic Development

A variety of available sites and buildings are available in the Altamont area. Recent attention to the area’s centralized location in the Midwest and East Central Illinois and extensive infrastructure have identified and publicized substantial potential for Altamont.

Altamont Economic Development provides one-on-one assistance with interested parties in locating suitable sites to house their business. We also work with properties owners and business in marketing building sites, and in selecting sites for business expansion.

We are currently working to build a more comprehensive ”Available Sites and Buildings” database on this website. Many buildings and sites available in Altamont are listed through local realtors and the city itself. A list of links to local realtors can be found on the right hand column.

The city government and local business leaders have been successful in building relationships with property owners and interested developers. In recent years, the we have demonstrated the ability to quickly secure sites which have garnered interest from potential developers. We coordinate introductions and meetings with key parties and individuals to establish relationships and provide support information for follow-up discussions and negotiations.

Various local real estate agencies are ready to assist you in the analysis of various available sites and buildings. Websites for local realtors are listed on the right: